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The average citizen has been forgotten and overlooked. Illinois is going in the wrong direction. It's time for a change!

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About Wes

Can the average person, who understands the needs of his fellow neighbors, get elected? I am on a mission to try. Even as we approach the primary election, I have been running this campaign without the support of big money. I do this because I want to represent the people of my district. I think the average person has been forgotten and overlooked. Illinois is going in the wrong direction and it’s time for a change! We continue to vote in politician after politician and this has not worked. We need to take back leadership of the House. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we need to come together to fix the basic problems in Southern Illinois. I humbly ask for your vote as the next Illinois District 118 State Representative.

About Wes

My name is Wes Sherrod and I am running as a Republican candidate for State Representative for the 118th District.  I am a business owner and rancher in Harrisburg, IL.  I have been married for 24 years to my wife Kirsha, who I met in high school.  I have two children, Tiffany (21) and Brandon (18), who both attend Southeastern Illinois College.  

Accomplishments & Memberships

Member of NRA
Member of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Member of Farm Bureau
Member of the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce
TV3 Unsung Hero
Proud supporter of our local Fire & Law Enforcement Departments

My Vision

I am not a professional politician and have never before ran for or held an elected office. I am running because I feel that the state has been so badly mismanaged that it is time for the voice of the citizens of Southern Illinois to be heard.  I have absolutely no ties to special interest groups and will represent the needs and welfare of the citizens of my district.    I pledge to serve my district faithfully and attend to the needs of the citizens of the 118th district with kindness and understanding.

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Illinois MUST Change

If we continue to elect the SAME politicians, we can expect the SAME results. Check out these state rankings to see where Illinois ranks.

2 nd
Among States in the WORST Fiscal Condition
7 th
WORST Run States In The United States
4 th
HIGHEST Murder Rate By State In The US
4 th
HIGHEST Combined Sales & Income Tax Leaders

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