The beauty of Southern Illinois should not be known only to the residents of Southern Illinois.  By promoting tourism, I want to make Southern Illinois a destination and bring revenue into the community.

I would like to see campgrounds along the Tunnel Hill State Bike Trail.  The trail is 55.3 miles and runs from Eldorado to Cypress. I would further like to see the bike trail allow low horsepower scooters to accommodate the elderly and disabled.

The Garden of the Gods has some of the most stunning rock formations and covers more than 3,300 acres of forest throughout the counties of Saline, Hardin & Pope.  The campground has 12 non-electric campsites with the nearest town 20 minutes away.  With expanded and upgraded accommodations, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts would spend a weekend at the Garden of the Gods.

I would like to incorporate all tourism boards together to create “The Beauty of Southern Illinois” tours that include such places as the Shawnee National Forest, Metropolis - the Home of Superman, Cave In Rock, Rim Rock, Tower Rock, Ferne Clyffe State Park, the Cache River, Ft. Defiance Park, Sahara Woods, horse trails and all the wonderful wineries.  There are so many beautiful locations in Southern Illinois that a weekend trip would not even cover most of them